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Connecting Health Researchers in Africa


Strategic level


Capacity Building (CP)


Capacity Building (CP)

Challenge 1 : Strengthening the National Health System (NHS)

Toolkit for CB roadmapping , eLearning, and sharing expertise

Platform for international networks on eHealth informatics practice, education, training, policy and research


Challenge 2 : Developing a National Health Research System (NHRS)

Toolkit for NHRS aligning with the WHO strategy on search for health

Toolkit for STI-CB roadmapping, eLearning, and sharing expertise

Toolkit for identifying the national health research priorities, monitoring and evaluating NHRS, and opportunity guide


Challenge 3 : Adopting Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) strategy

Toolkit for creating a national "systematic" strategy for STI-CB in health, eLearning, and sharing expertise

Cross-sector platform for HPSR to integrate the wider determinants of health

Mapping African institutions for health research in HRWeb, and toolkit for measuring the effectiveness of CB

Operational level