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What is the AFRICA BUILD Portal?

The AFRICA BUILD Portal (ABP) is: Education, Research and Collaboration around Health in Africa. To learn more about our approach then visit About.


Who is the AFRICA BUILD Portal for?



If you're a college student, in the Health domain, looking to see how is research in your area and aiming to introduce yourself in some of the fields in which your peers are researching, you will have the chance to take a myriad of research-oriented courses and access a wide variety of research tools within the same platform.


If you're a professor, in the domain of Health, willing to teach any of the existing courses or share any of your teaching resources, the portal will allow you to discover possible M.Sc students or Ph.D students who aim to work with you.


If you're a researcher, in the Health domain, looking to update your skills, shift your research area or establish new scientific collaborations, you can seek for new possible colleagues who are working in some of your areas of interest and get recommendation about different scientific resources.


If you're a practitioner looking for scientific tools or information, in the domain of Health, or looking for answers within the research arena, you'll be able to access several scientific resources efficiently as well as contact other professionals for sharing knowledge.

How to get started with the AFRICA BUILD Portal?

Register and complete your profile to foster interactions.
Look for courses of your interest, enrol and start completing them.
Look for research resources related to what you are studying.
Look for possible collaborations and start following them.

Why the AFRICA BUILD Portal?

Linking Health Education and Research in Africa

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